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Proper Engine Winterization Ensures Reliability Come Spring By Brad Murphy Vice-President and COO, Subaru Industrial Power Products
Many of us have already started ...

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They say timing is everything. When it comes to small gas engines, timing isn’t everything, but it can impact everything. If an engine’s timing gear is off by just one tooth, it will cause the engine to backfire and lose power — if it runs at ...

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Talk about pressure. Day in and day out, engines work hard to maintain a rigorous pace – spark plugs fire, flywheels turn, fuel moves through and pistons stroke. And, what thanks do they get? Sure, they get fresh fuel refills and an occasional oil ...

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Most people know that engines will require daily and periodic maintenance, but it’s also important to be aware of the audible and visual signs of unexpected maintenance needs. Operators should also take into consideration working conditions and how ...

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