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My generator isn’t producing electrical current. What could be causing the problem?  
A common cause of generator failure is stale fuel due to lack of use, but there can be other culprits. The engine speed level must be correct and should be checked if no AC output is detected. The issue could also be linked to problems with the capacitor, stator or rotor. Even an insulation breakdown might be creating the problem. Frequent overloading of the generator could also eventually burn out windings and prevent the circuit breaker from tripping. Consult the users manual or manufacturer for troubleshooting recommendations and procedures.

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I know inverter generators run quieter than conventional models. What other advantages are there?  
Conventional generators operate at full output regardless of what they’re powering. Inverter generators have the unique ability to vary engine speed. By adapting to the load, inverter generators require less engine power, allowing these units to consume less fuel and produce a more efficient, clean energy output. The cleaner power is great for using sensitive electronic equipment and convenient for many other applications.

Inverter generators are also built with electronic components that can handle a high heat load. This allows operation under an overload condition of up to 120% of the rated output for up to 20 seconds before the output is cut off, making inverter generators ideal for powering equipment with demanding starting loads like air conditioners.

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