Distributor Spotlight - DAC and Marindustrial
Most distributors and dealers would agree that turning down business because they don’t have the products or the capabilities is never a high point. But a business that’s ready to evolve and respond is one that can turn those lost opportunities into gains. And that can set a distributor apart.
DAC and Marindustrial are two distributors that have had their fair share of lost opportunities, but by being receptive to its customers’ needs and wants has minimized those occurrences.   
The sister companies are located in Eastern Canada and offer engines, pumps and generators as well as parts and service. They are part of the same corporate group and share that same view when it comes to pursuing every possibility for business. That and similar strong relationships with Subaru have helped make them the full-service businesses they are today.
DAC Industrial Engines
DAC Industrial Engines in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia serves industrial, commercial, and residential dealers and OEMs throughout the Atlantic Provinces. It services and replaces engines of all brands and sizes for welders, compressors, trap haulers, sawmills, paving equipment and power packs, as well as mining, marine and material-handling equipment.
In January 2013, DAC expanded its lineup to include Subaru engines so it could offer customers smaller gas engines and replacement parts in addition to its larger diesel engines. “Before that, we couldn’t fully serve customers who were bringing us their pumps and generators in addition to their larger diesel equipment,” said Jack MacMaster, general manager for DAC. “We wanted to be able to service it all.”
By adding Subaru engines, DAC has been able to continue its growth strategy with quality products that its customers have come to expect. “It was a natural fit. Subaru is known as a world-class engine in the North American market, which is why we wanted to partner with them," MacMaster said. 
One of the company’s best selling line is the 22-horsepower EH65 series. However, the launch of the new 35-horsepower EH90 and 40-horsepower EH99 has created quite a buzz. The gasoline-powered engines have a similar footprint to the 20-horsepower series, yet packs nearly double the horsepower. “This is great for a range of applications, including repowering pressure washers and sawmills and should open the doors to new OEM applications,” said MacMaster, adding that he gets a lot of positive feedback from his customers.

“They like that they can get durability, less noise, reliability and fuel-efficiency all in one engine and that its backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty,”
he said. “It goes to show Subaru stands behind its products.”
DAC has also earned Bernie Award for the Industrial Business of the Year in 2011 and it’s also up for the award in 2013.
Marindustrial in Montreal, Quebec shares a similar conviction about customer service. The distributor provides engines, pumps and generators to more than 150 industrial and marine dealers in the Atlantic Provinces, as well as Quebec and Ontario.
Marindustrial and DAC Industrial Engines Inc. President Eric Nadeau credits the companies’ partnership with Subaru for helping them become one of the top distributors in Eastern Canada. “Subaru offers products that are the ideal balance of price and quality, and that’s why we chose them as our supplier,” he said. “They worked with us to develop CSA compliant products we could get right from the factory, and that saved us the time involved in altering the products ourselves.”
Subaru recognized Marindustrial’s success and good partnership by honoring them with the “Most Improved OEM Sales” award in 2012.
DAC and Marindustrial are part of the same corporate group that also includes offices in Moncton, New Brunswick and Oakville, Ontario. Each location offers extensive customer service and stocks full inventory and genuine replacement parts. They also have mechanical and service departments with certified trained technicians and offer 24/7 phone support. In addition, Marindustrial, Montreal, Quebec has an engineering department that can develop solutions to meet customer specifications.
MacMaster added that the companies’ staffs recognize the importance of keeping customers’ equipment operational and downtime to a minimum. They accomplish that by maintaining a large inventory of parts, having factory-trained technicians, and a dedicated dealer and OEM development manager.
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