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4300 W

Battery Charging Cables > View larger image
12V battery charging cables allow convenient battery charging for unexpected emergencies on the jobsite.  

The RV adapter allows a generator with a L5-30 locking plug receptacle to be connected to recreational vehicles that use a typical RV extension cord. This accessory offers the ideal solution for those times the campsite doesn’t offer electrical hookups.

Spider Adapter > View larger image
The optional spider adapter, converts 30A. to 3-15A. household receptacles, which offers a great solution for smaller power tools, or multiple items in an emergency back-up situation.

Generator Cover > View larger image
The generator cover protects a stored generator from harsh weather conditions, as well as dust.

Twist-Lock Plugs > View larger image
Twist-Lock connectors make for a very safe and reliable connection.  Male and female twistlock plugs are available in various sizes.

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4300 W RG4300iS

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