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OHV Slant Cylinder
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13.5 HP

Features & Benefits:
Aluminum Alloy Block > View larger image
Aluminum alloy block with cast-iron cylinder liner provides enhanced durability for long engine life.

Automatic Decompression System > View larger image
Automatic decompression system ensures quick and easy one-pull starting.

Forged Steel Crankshaft > View larger image
Forged steel crankshaft with dual ball bearing support provides optimum reliability in virtually any application.

HotSpark® Electronic Ignition > View larger image
HotSpark® electronic ignition features automatic timing adjustment to enhance starting ease and engine performance.

Low Noise Muffler > View larger image
Low noise, rust-resistant muffler ensures quiet application and durable design.

Splash-Type Lubrication System > View larger image
Splash-type lubrication system and large-capacity air cleaner with dual elements enhance engine reliability.

Unique Balancer System > View larger image
Unique balancer system rotates at the same speed as the crankshaft to offset unbalanced forces and ensure smooth performance.

Three-Year Limited Warranty > View larger image
Subaru provides a three-year limited warranty. See warranty policy for details.

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13.5 HP EH41

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