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22 HP

Features & Benefits:
Single Piece Aluminum Die-Cast Cylinder Block > View larger image
The configuration of the twin-cylinder in the 90º (V-arrangement) offers compactness, and is lightweight. Strong crankcase reinforcing ribs prove this engine is built with durability in mind.

Forged High-Carbon Steel Crankshaft > View larger image
Forged high-carbon steel crankshaft provides maximum reliability under demanding loads, thus providing longer engine life.
The drop forging process increases the strength and durability of the crankshaft by re-aligning the molecules in the steel. This process hardens the complete crankshaft.
Most engines use cast-steel crankshafts that have induction-hardened surfaces only a few microns deep.

Cast-Iron Cylinder Liners > View larger image
Cast-iron cylinder liners enhance reliability and extend engine life. The cast-iron cylinder liner has much better wear characteristics than the softer aluminum that surrounds it, making engine life much longer than if the piston is in contact with the aluminum cylinder wall.

Aluminum Die-Cast Main Bearing Cover > View larger image
Long engine life is ensured by placing support "ribs" at strategic locations to insure torsional loads, as well as crankshaft support loads.
Large gasket surfaces, thick aluminum bracing and large bearing surfaces add up to equal a strong cover.

Oversized Ball Bearing Support > View larger image
Large main bearing support on PTO side of crankshaft minimizes shock under heavy loads.

Large-Capacity Air Cleaner > View larger image
Large-capacity air cleaner with dual elements enhances reliability.

Replaceable Flywheel Crankshaft Support Bearing > View larger image
Special machining process allows a support bearing to be placed into the block that can be removed for service.

Replaceable Spin-On Oil Filter > View larger image
The filtering properties of the paper composite mesh, located inside the filter, screens out the dirt particles before returning oil to the engine.

Steel Alloy Valves, Forged Steel Valve Retainers & Durable Automotive Style Collect Locking System > View larger image

80 mm Direct Drive Trochoid (Gear) Driven Oil Pump > View larger image
This design provides consistent oil pressure to the critical engine components. An air-cooled engine needs cool oil temperatures for long engine life.

Solid Lifters > View larger image
Solid lifters for dependable cold-weather starting.

Precision Formed High Strength Steel Rocker Arms > View larger image
The high strength steel ensures lasting longevity even during the harshest conditions. The rocker arms utilize a large contact area to the valve stem for greater durability.

Cast Aluminum Connecting Rod > View larger image

Aluminum Alloy Piston with Special Cast Iron Rings > View larger image
Advanced three-ring oil system. The special three-piece expander oil ring is designed for better sealing and less oil consumption.

Special One-Piece Cast-Iron Camshaft > View larger image
Camshaft gears and lobe assembly are cast together in one piece for a stronger assembly. The camshaft gears are a helical design for quieter and smoother operation. Also, the support bearing surface is a large at 20mm.

Intake Valve Oil Seal > View larger image
Special machining on cylinder head allows the oil seal to be placed around the valve guide. This seal reduces oil consumption and is replaceable for service.

Governor Flyweight Bearing > View larger image
This needle roller bearing on the back side of the governor gear provides smooth and precise operation for the governor gear and flyweights assembly.

Low Oil Pressure Switch > View larger image
This low oil pressure switch can be wired to the optional key switch control box or another customer-supplied low oil warning light configuration.

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