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Features & Benefits:
Charcoal Canister > View larger image
Charcoal Canister meets Tier III California compliant regulations.

Control Panel > View larger image
User friendly control panel.

GFCI Receptacles > View larger image
GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) receptacles help ensure operator safety and are OSHA compliant.

50A, 120/240V Twistlock Receptacle > View larger image

Hourmeter keeps track of the hours of operation. It also serves as a way to keep track of important maintenance levels that need to be performed on the equipment.  

Voltmeters monitor the generator's voltage output.

AC Circuit Breaker > View larger image
An AC circuit breaker automatically interrupts the current flowing through when it exceeds the trip rating of the breaker, protecting the generator from an overload.

Automatic Idler Control > View larger image

Automatic idler control lowers the engine speed when no electrical power is needed, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing excess noise.

Four Wheel Kit > View larger image
RGV12100 generator comes standard with four hard rubber wheels with steel hubs. Optional two-wheel pneumatic kit is available.

Standard Wheel Lock > View larger image
Wheel lock is standard on the four-wheel hard plastic wheel kit. Optional two-wheel pneumatic wheel kit is available.

Large Fuel Tank with Strainer > View larger image
Large metal fuel tank provides extended run times between refills. The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank.

Easy to read fuel tank gauge helps the operator monitor fuel level.

Large Muffler with Spark Arrestor > View larger image
Subaru specifically engineers each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction. Each muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.

Automatic Voltage Regulation System (AVR) > View larger image
The AVR system provides a precise voltage control output on the generator. This system is more suitable for delicate electronic equipment like computers.

Air Cleaner > View larger image
Large industrial air cleaner element with foam pre-cleaner helps keep large and small debris from entering the engine.

Low Oil Pressure Light > View larger image

Electric Start > View larger image
For easy starting, all electric start models are key start.  Battery not included.

Battery Rack and Cables > View larger image

Battery rack and cables are included for all electric start models. Battery not included.

Fuel Shut Off Valve with Translucent Filter Cup > View larger image
This fuel shut off valve allows unit to be transported, as well as shuts off fuel to engine for servicing. The translucent filter cup shows operator any water or debris that has entered fuel system. The cup can be removed, cleaned and returned to original position.

Spin On Oil Filter > View larger image
Full pressure oil system allows a spin on oil filter for a cleaner running engine.

22hp Subaru Industrial Engine > View larger image
This 22 hp EH65 V-twin engine incorporates such features as forged crankshaft, cast-in steel cylinder liners, etc.

Three-Year Limited Warranty > View larger image
Subaru provides a three-year limited warranty. See warranty policy for details.

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