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EX27 All Season
9 HP

Features & Benefits:
Chain-Driven Overhead Cam > View larger image
Chain-driven Overhead Cam design offers superior power and performance with an automatic decompression system to reduce the required pulling force by 30 to 40 percent, and ensure starting on the first pull. EX engines start instantly - even at temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Celsius - without any perceptible kickback.

Dual Ball Bearing Crankshaft Support > View larger image
Dual ball bearing crankshaft support offers maximum stability under demanding loads.

Heavy-Duty Piston Rings and a Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner > View larger image
Heavy-duty piston rings coupled with a cast-iron cylinder liner resist wear and ensure a long engine life.

High Power Pent-Roof Design > View larger image
Overhead Cam (OHC) technology and the Pent-Roof combustion chamber allow the Subaru EX engines to use a higher compression ratio of 9:1. The higher compression ratio increases the power produced for a given size engine. It also improves efficiency and overall performance.  

Mounting Base Cooling Fins > View larger image
The unique Subaru cooling system extends to the underside of the mounting base. Air is forced over special cooling fins at the bottom of the engine for maximum cooling.

NO Special Tools Required > View larger image
Even though the EX series of engines bring the latest technology, performance and durability to the industrial air cooled engine market, there are no special tools required to work on them. Most shop tools that small engine mechanics currently own will also work on these engines for service or complete tear down. Subaru engineers achieved their commitment to "keep it simple", while utilizing the latest technology.

Patent-Pending Cylinder Cooling Fins > View larger image
Air is forced over the large slanted cooling fins on the cylinder for improved cooling performance. This design is patent-pending.

Special Cooling Fins Cast Into Block > View larger image
Cooling fins are cast into both the inside and the outside of the crankcase to utilize every possible cooling area.

Special Snow and Ice Guards > View larger image
These specifically designed snow guards are strategically placed to keep snow and ice from vital controls and linkages.

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