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7 HP

Features & Benefits:
3 Year Residential 1 Year Commercial > View larger image
This engine comes with a 3 year Residential and 1 year Commercial Use Warranty

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Connecting Rod > View larger image
The connecting rod is a specially heat-treated aluminum alloy die-casting, Its large and small ends function as bearings. A splasher built into the connecting rod lubricates by splashing engine oil. The piston is an aluminum alloy casting with grooves for mounting compression and oil rings.

Automotive Collets and Forged Steel Rocker Retainers > View larger image
Subaru SP Series engines use automotive quality collet valve retainers for longer life.

Camshaft with Automatic Compression Release > View larger image
The camshaft and the sprocket are made of special sintered alloy and constructed as a single piece. The camshaft is provided with intake and exhaust cam in one cam lobe. The decompression release lever is mounted on the sprocket end side.

Component Location Cutaway > View larger image
The cutaway shows some common parts on the Overhead Cam SP engine series.

Cylinder Head 360 Degree Cooling > View larger image
Head cooling is critically important to long engine life. The Overhead Cam design allows for 360-degree air flow around both the exhaust and intake valve stem areas.

Dual Ball Bearing Support > View larger image
Dual ball bearing crankshaft support offers maximum stability under demanding loads.

Hardened Steel Rocker Arms > View larger image
Hardened steel rocker arms with precision tappet adjusters are used for greater durability and reduce service requirements.

High Efficiency Intake Port > View larger image
The illustration shows the straight intake port on the right side of the picture. The lower resistance to the flow of the air/fuel mixture improves the power, efficiency and lowers emissions. Overhead Cam (OHC) technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum performance.

Hot Spark Ignition System > View larger image
The ignition system is a transistor controlled magneto with the ignition timing set at 23 degrees before top dead center. The magneto consists of a flywheel and ignition coil. To ensure the easy startability of the engine, the step advancing ignition timing system is incorporated in the ignition coil. This system enables the engine to have basically two different ignition timings according to the engine speed.

Intake Valve Oil Seal > View larger image
Special machining on cylinder head allows the oil seal to be placed around the valve guide. This seal reduces oil consumption and is replaceable for service.

Mounting Base Cooling Fins > View larger image
The unique Subaru cooling system extends to the underside of the mounting base. Air is forced over special cooling fins at the bottom of the engine for maximum cooling.

Optimized Capacity Rigid Type Muffler > View larger image
Optimized-capacity rigid muffler and 33 percent fewer moving valve train parts than OHV designs reduce mechanical noise levels a full 2 decibels below competitive models.

Patent Pending Breather System > View larger image
A patent pending breather system with a pre-separation
passage prevents oil from spouting, even if the engine is inclined.

Patent Pending Connecting Rod Dipper > View larger image
The SP Series lubrication system begins with a patent-pending oil scoop to project the oil to the chain.

Patent Pending Cylinder Cooling Fins > View larger image
Air is forced over the large slanted cooling fins on the cylinder for improved cooling performance. This design is patent-pending.

Patent Pending Main Bearing Cover Design > View larger image
An internally structured main bearing cover offers patent-pending technology by creating a highly rigid engine system.

Patent Pending Valve Cover Design > View larger image
A patent-pending valve cover design constantly supplies an optimum amount of oil to the cam shaft and rocker arm even if the engine is inclined.

Pent Roof Design > View larger image
Overhead Cam (OHC) technology and the Pent-Roof combustion chamber allow the Subaru SP engines to use a higher compression ratio of 9:1. The higher compression ratio increases the power produced for a given size engine. It also improves efficiency and overall performance.

Special Cylinder Block Cooling Fins > View larger image
Cooling fins are cast into both the inside and the outside of the crankcase to utilize every possible cooling area.

Cast Iron Cylinder Liner > View larger image
Cast-iron cylinder liners enhance reliability and extend engine life.The cast-iron cylinder liner has much better wear characteristics than the softer aluminum that surrounds it, making engine life much longer than if the piston is in contact with the aluminum cylinder wall.

Forged Crankshaft > View larger image
Forged high-carbon steel crankshaft provides maximum reliability under demanding loads, thus providing longer engine life.
The drop forging process increases the strength and durability of the crankshaft by re-aligning the molecules in the steel. This process hardens the complete crankshaft. Most engines use cast-iron steel crankshafts.

NO Special Tools Needed > View larger image
Even though the SP series engines bring the latest technology, performance, and durability to the industrial air cooled engine market, there are no special tools required to work on them. Most shop tools that small engine mechanics currently own, will also work on these engines for service or complete tear down. Subaru engineers have achieved their commitment to 'keep it simple', while utilizing the latest technology.

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