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Vertical Shaft OHC
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4.5 HP

Features & Benefits:
3 Year Residential 1 Year Commercial > View larger image
This engine comes with a 3 year Residential and 1 year Commercial Use Warranty

Cast Iron Cylinder LIner and Heavy Duty Piston Rings > View larger image
Heavy-duty piston rings coupled with a cast-iron cylinder liner resist wear and ensure a long engine life.

Chain Drive OHC > View larger image
Chain-driven Overhead Cam design offers superior power and performance with an automatic decompression system to reduce the required pulling force by 30 to 40 percent, and ensure starting on the first pull.

Forged Crankshaft > View larger image
Forged high-carbon steel crankshaft provides maximum reliability under demanding loads, thus providing longer engine life.
The drop forging process increases the strength and durability of the crankshaft by re-aligning the molecules in the steel. This process hardens the complete crankshaft. Most engines use cast-iron steel crankshafts.

Hardened Steel Rocker Arms > View larger image
Hardened steel rocker arms with precision tappet adjusters are used for greater durability and reduce service requirements.

High Efficiency Intake Port > View larger image
The illustration shows the straight intake port on the right side of the picture. The lower resistance to the flow of the air/fuel mixture improves the power, efficiency and lowers emissions. Overhead Cam (OHC) technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum performance.

High Performance Pent Roof Design > View larger image
Overhead Cam (OHC) technology and the Pent-Roof combustion chamber allow the Subaru EA175 vertical shaft engine to use a higher compression ratio of 9:1. The higher compression ratio increases the power produced for a given size engine. It also improves efficiency and overall performance.

Camshaft with Automatic Compression Release > View larger image
The camshaft and the sprocket are made of special sintered alloy and constructed as a single piece. The camshaft is provided with a separate lobe for the intake and exhaust valve . The decompression release lever is mounted on the sprocket end side.

Crankshaft Ball Bearing Support > View larger image
Ball bearing crankshaft support offers maximum stability under demanding loads.

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