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4300 W

Features & Benefits:
Control Panel > View larger image
User friendly control panel.

Multi-Monitor Display > View larger image
Multi-monitor display keeps the operator abreast of the voltage output, frequency, hours of operation and overload condition occurs.

Overload Protection > View larger image
Built in overload protection stops the output of power to the receptacles in case of overload.

Low Oil Shutdown > View larger image
Engine incorporates a low oil shutdown that shuts off the engine when a low oil level is detected.

Auto Power System > View larger image
Auto power system adjusts engine speed to meet power requirements. This reduces noise and increases fuel efficiency and engine life.

AC Twist Lock Receptacle > View larger image
This 120 volt AC twist lock receptacle will handle 30 amps.

GFCI Receptacle > View larger image
GFCI receptacle ensures operation safety and is OSHA compliant.

Single Dial Control > View larger image
Single dial control allows the operator to choke and run the generator, and turn off the fuel valve with one dial for ease of operation.     

12VDC Battery Charging > View larger image
Subaru generators incorporate 12 volt DC battery charging capabilities for external battery charging.

Two Stage Heavy Duty Air Cleaner Elements > View larger image
Two separate filters protect the engine from debris. Each can be cleaned and re-used for maximum cost efficiency.

Inverter Module > View larger image
Subaru's state-of-the-art inverter module provides clean and stable power for sensitive electronic equipment.

Embedded Heat Sensors > View larger image
Embedded heat sensors monitor the temperature of critical components and shut off the power output when an overload condition is detected.

Sound Attenuated Resin Panels > View larger image
Foam-lined, sound-attenuating poly-resin panels fully enclose each inverter generator to ensure ultra-quiet operation.  Large panels can be easily removed to provide access for maintenance.

Easy to read fuel tank gauge helps the operator monitor fuel level.

Large Fuel Tank with Strainer > View larger image
Large fuel tank provides extended run times between refills.  The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank, while the easy to read fuel gauge keeps track of fuel level.

Fuel Shut Off Valve and Translucent Fuel Sediment and Strainer Cup > View larger image
Fuel shut off valve is controlled by the large "One Dial" switch on the front panel. Great for transporting the unit as well as servicing the carburetor. Also included is a large translucent fuel sediment and strainer cup for filtering water and debris, preventing them from entering engine carburetor. The fuel sediment and strainer cup can be removed and cleaned.

Quiet Muffler with Spark Arrestor > View larger image
Subaru specifically designs each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction.  Each muffler includes a U.S. Forestry-approved spark arrestor.

For easy portability, four hard rubber wheels are included, standard. Also included is a wheel lock to keep the generator stationary when necessary.

Electric Start > View larger image
For easy starting, all electric start models are key start. Battery not included.

Subaru Industrial 9hp Engine > View larger image
This heavy duty Subaru Industrial 9hp EX27 Overhead Cam engine is durable and long lasting. See the industrial engine section of this website for more details.

Battery Rack and Cables > View larger image

Battery rack and cables are included for all electric start models.  Battery not included.


Easy Service Drop Down Panels > View larger image
Simply loosen two screws and the side panels of the large inverter generators can be removed for easy maintenance access.

Full Frame Construction > View larger image
Full frame construction is made for tough handling. The design protects the generator from damage on all sides.

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