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Features & Benefits:
Self Priming > View larger image
Self priming pumps require initial priming to operate.

Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal > View larger image
Silicon carbide mechanical seal provides stamina for tough applications, while easily replaceable shims offer maximum performance over the pump's life.

Cast-Iron Impeller and Volute > View larger image

Abrasion-resistant, hardened cast-iron impeller and volute effectively withstand suspended debris sucked through the strainer.


Die-Cast Pump Housing > View larger image

Lightweight die-cast aluminum pump housing provides strong durability against damaging debris.


Shimmable Impeller to Volute > View larger image
Shims allow the clearance to be readjusted between the impeller and volute as the pump wears from dirt and grit. This saves the cost of replacing the major pump components.

Standard Accessories > View larger image
Standard accessories include tool kit and hose band.

Metal Fuel Tank with Strainer > View larger image
Metal fuel tank provides extended run times between refills.  The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank.

Low Oil Shutdown > View larger image

Subaru engines incorporate a low oil shutdown that shuts off the engine when low oil level is detected.


Quiet Muffler with Spark Arrestor > View larger image
Subaru specifically engineers each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction. Each muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.

Fuel Shut Off Valve with Translucent Fuel Sediment Cup > View larger image
Shut off valve is used when transporting or servicing the pump. The translucent sediment cup and filter allow the operator to see if any water or dirt have entered the engine. The cup can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled.

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