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Features & Benefits:
4-Cycle OHV Design > View larger image
Compared to two cycle engines, the Micro 4-cycle OHV design emits one tenth the emissions and uses half as much fuel, greatly increasing efficiency.

Automatic Decompression System > View larger image
Automatic decompression system ensures starting ease with just one pull, each and every time.

Connecting Rod with Needle Bearing Inserts > View larger image
Connecting rod with needle bearing inserts offers true bearing support to provide dependable performance in the toughest applications.

Hi-Temp Fluoride Oil Seal > View larger image
Hi-temp fluoride oil seal ensures maximum engine protection for extended performance life.

High-Carbon Steel Crankshaft > View larger image
High-carbon steel crankshaft with ball bearings on both ends ensures ultimate reliability in heavy load applications.

Lightweight, Compact Design > View larger image
At just eight pounds, these quiet, compact engines are easy to maneuver and maintain with less operator effort and fatigue, ultimately increasing productivity.

Powder Metal Inserted Cam Gear > View larger image
Powder metal inserted cam gear ensures extra protection for added durability and extended performance life. 

Quick Throttle Response > View larger image
Quick throttle response and wide rpm range meet the requirements of demanding applications.

Unique Lubrication System > View larger image
The unique lubrication system, with a separate oil chamber, guarantees a smooth, stable-running engine throughout a wide range of operating positions.

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