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12 HP

Features & Benefits:
Chain-Driven Overhead Cam > View larger image
Chain-driven Overhead Cam design offers superior power and performance with an automatic decompression system to reduce the required pulling force by 30 to 40 percent, and ensure starting on the first pull. EX engines start instantly – even at temperatures as cold as -10 degrees C – without any perceptible kickback. 

Dual Ball Bearing Crankshaft Support > View larger image
Dual ball bearing crankshaft support offers maximum stability under demanding loads.

Heavy-Duty Piston Rings and a Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner > View larger image
Heavy-duty piston rings coupled with a cast-iron cylinder liner resist wear and ensure a long engine life.

Optimized-Capacity Rigid Muffler > View larger image
Optimized-capacity rigid muffler and 33 percent fewer moving valve train parts than OHV designs, reduce mechanical noise levels a full 2 decibels below competitive models.

Pent-Roof Combustion Chamber > View larger image
Pent-roof combustion chamber enables optimum intake and exhaust valve placement for maximum engine performance and efficiency.

Case-Hardened Steel Timing Chain > View larger image
Case-hardened steel timing chain allows for precision timing and maximum durability.

Metal Gas Tank with Tier III Gas Cap & Strainer > View larger image

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