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Features & Benefits:
Bottom Suction Pump > View larger image
Pumps down to within 1 mm or 0.04-inch of floor level.   

Check Valve  
Built-in check valve keeps liquid in pump and hose, eliminating any "back-flow" situations.

Double Mechanical Seals  
Double mechanical seals run in an "oil" filled chamber of liquid paraffin to prevent damage from periods of dry running.

Thermal Protector  
The built-in thermal protector turns off the power supply in case of overload, therefore protecting the motor.

Uni-body Power Cord > View larger image
The power cord is uni-body construction, ensuring excellent water tightness.

Motor Cooling  
Liquid is channeled through the outer wall to cool the motor for maximum endurance.

Impeller and Casing  
The unit impeller and casing are manufactured from a blended rubber compound, providing maximum wear resistance up to 3 times over cast-iron.

90-Day Warranty > View larger image
The unit is covered by a 90-day limited warranty.

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