Subaru Offers High Performance EH36

Featuring high performance, easy starts and maximum durability, the Subaru EH36 OHV (overhead valve) slant cylinder four-cycle engine is ideal for a variety of construction, rental and agricultural equipment, such as generators, trenchers and tractors.

With an OHV design that provides ideal combustion characteristics to achieve more power, the EH36 offers a maximum power output of 11.5 horsepower. The EH36 also easily meets EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II requirements due to the combustion characteristics, which reduce fuel usage and lower emissions.

The cylinder and crankcase are designed as a single piece making the EH36 compact and lightweight. With a weight of only 68 pounds and a height of 17.32 inches, the EH36 can easily be installed with several equipment arrangements.

The EH36 provides easy, one-pull starts by teaming a QuickStart® easy starting system and a HotSpark® electronic ignition system with an automatic decompression system, which reduces the recoil pulling force by 50 percent when compared with similar engines.

Features such as an aluminum alloy block, a cast iron cylinder liner and a forged steel crankshaft with dual ball bearing support ensure optimum engine durability and life. The EH36 also comes with a splash type lubrication system and a large capacity air cleaner with dual element to protect the engine and provide enhanced reliability.

The design of the EH36 limits vibration with lighter reciprocating parts and a balancer that rotates at the same speed as the crankshaft to offset the otherwise unbalanced force. Also, a low noise muffler along with low combustion and mechanical noises make the EH36 exceptionally quiet.

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