Subaru Offers EH035 and EH035V

Featuring a lightweight design, high performance, smooth operation, easy starts and low exhaust emissions, the Subaru EH035 and EH035V mini four-cycle OHV (Overhead Valve) engines are the ideal power source for a variety of hand-held equipment. Two PTO options ā€“ horizontally mounted on the EH035 and vertically mounted on the EH035V ā€“ diversify the application range of these engines, allowing for a variety of different machine uses.

Designed for easy operator handling, the EH035 and EH035V are the smallest and lightest engines in their class. With exclusive, compact oil tank and crankcase-base design, and resin-constructed cam gear blower housing and rocker covers, they weigh only 8 pounds.

Offering the capabilities of two-cycle engines in a four-cycle configuration, the air-cooled, single-cylinder engines produce a maximum power output of 1.6-horsepower and feature the highest horsepower and torque of any engine in their class. Heavy-duty components, including a silicone-constructed, abrasion-resistant, aluminum piston; chrome-plated cylinder; forged-steel rocker arm and powder-metal-inserted cam gear, ensure that the EH035 and EH035V are built to last.

The EH035 and EH035V engines are engineered to minimize emissions and exceed industry regulations. Producing only 10-percent of the THC-Nox emissions found with conventional two-cycle engines, the EH035 and EH035V exceed both EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II emission regulations. Featuring a quiet, low-vibration design, the units meet EMC noise level standards and minimize operator stress. Additionally, the highly-efficient combustion system produces less exhaust smoke and odors than two-cycle engine alternatives.

For easier operation, the EH035 and EH035V engines feature an automatic decompression system, resulting in fast, one-pull starts. The units require up to 40-percent less recoil pulling force than other same-class engines.

Subaru's unique lubrication system offers 360-degree operation while preventing cylinder abrasions and engine wear. This flexibility provides an ideal solution for equipment that requires variable-position operation, such as brush cutters. Additionally, oil consumption is minimized through the use of high-silicon aluminum pistons with cast-iron piston rings and an efficient oil mist device.

Using standard automotive gasoline and engine oil, the EH035 and EH035Vā€™s four-cycle configuration eliminates the need to mix gasoline and lubrication oil, enhancing convenience. Additionally, with 40-percent better fuel consumption than comparable two-cycle engines, operation cost is minimized while time between refueling is extended.

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