Subaru Launches New SX Snow Power Series Engines

 Subaru introduces its new line of SX Snow Power Series engines designed specifically for the demanding application of snow throwers. This new series features the high performance chain-driven overhead cam technology along with special features designed to provide Real Power™ in snow throwing applications. The line includes three models ranging in horsepower from 6 to 9. 5. 
A standard for high-performance automotive engines, chain-driven OHC technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum engine performance. This offers lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow. Designed with a highly efficient pent-roof-type combustion chamber, the SX engines are able to utilize a high compression ratio, producing higher power and torque while limiting exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. The higher torque combined with a highly-responsive governor allows the engine to react quickly in changing snow conditions, ensuring optimum blowing performance in both wet and heavy snow.  In addition, built-in power reserves and a highly efficient engine design enable the engine to draw reserve power to ensure peak blowing performance in the deepest snow conditions.

Easier starts are another advantage of the SX series engines. An automatic decompression system reduces the required recoil pulling force by 20-percent as compared with competitive models. A specially designed recoil housing prevents snow and ice buildup in the flywheel and recoil components, ensuring effortless starting every time. With fewer moving parts and an optimized-capacity rigid muffler, the SX series engines operate a full 2dBA (decibel level) quieter than other same-class engines.

 The SX Snow Power series incorporates several extreme weather features designed to protect the engine and ensure optimum operating performance. Strategically placed snow guards prevent snow and ice from entering and damaging vital controls and linkages. The snow guards also serve to maintain engine temperature, keeping the engine warm for easy starting on the first pull -- every time. Large, easy-to-use controls provide simple access to primer, choke, speed, safety shut off and fuel shut off controls, ensuring easy operation and enhanced operator safety.

Engine durability is further enhanced by a patent-pending oil delivery system. A unique oil scraper attached to the connecting rod supplies oil to the cam chain. The cam chain then carries the oil to the overhead cam and valve train. A special rocker cover design and breather system keep the camshaft and rocker arm bathed in oil, yet prevent spouting — whether the engine is level or inclined.

Maintenance is simplified through high parts commonality. With more than 50 percent of component parts shared between the three SX models, maintenance and parts availability is improved. Eliminating the need for special tools for routine maintenance, assembly and disassembly further enhances serviceability.

SX Series engines include the 6 horsepower SX17, the 7 horsepower SX21 and the 9.5 horsepower SX30. All models meet EPA and CARB emission regulations and are backed by an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty. 

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