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28HP / EH72 Low Profile UTV 28 HP Fuel Injection
Performance Curve

Engine Overview:
These low profile compact design engines are ideally suited for use with a variety of equipment, including: utility carts, golf carts, and specialty vehicles that demand height requirements, as well as any other applications that require low profile mounting when height space is a premium. High power output is achieved on both models by utilizing electronic fuel injection as well as a two barrel side draft carburetor coupled with increased inlet air volume and larger venturi bore. Higher compression ratios and modified camshaft profiles produce the power when needed.

Engine Family Overview:
Featuring eight models ranging from 20.5 to 40 horsepower, the V-Twin Cylinder Series Industrial Engines are the workhorses of the Subaru commercial grade engine line. This series provides maximum versatility offering models with horizontal or vertical PTO shafts, allowing engine use with an even greater variety of industrial and construction equipment. Compared to conventional side-valve engines, Subaru’s V-Twin provides smooth, reliable torque throughout the rpm range, improved breathing room at high rpm and low fuel consumption.

  Class Air-cooled, V-Twin cylinder, Overhead Valve gasoline engine
  Shaft Horizontal
  Cylinders Twin-cylinder
  Displacement 720
  Cycles 4
  Fuel Gasoline
  Max HP/RPM (Gross HP) 28.9/4000
  Bore x Stroke mm 84 x 65
  Starter Electric
  Length inches (mm) 12.5 (317)
  Width inches (mm) 18.8 (477)
  Height inches (mm) 16.1
  Muffler (type) Optional Configurations
  Color Black
  Governor System Mechanical Flyweight
  Fuel System Fuel Injection (2-Barrel, Throttle Body)
  Air Cleaner System Customer supplied
   Key Features & Benefits:
Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner Cast-iron cylinder liners enhance reliability and extend engine life.
Forged High-Carbon Steel Crankshaft Forged high-carbon steel crankshaft provides maximum reliability under demanding loads.
Large-Capacity Air Cleaner Element Large-capacity air cleaner with dual elements enhances reliability.
Oversized Ball Bearing Support Large main bearing support on PTO side of crankshaft minimizes shock under heavy loads.
Single Piece Aluminum Die-Cast Cylinder Block The configuration of the twin-cylinder in the 90º (v-arrangement) offers compactness and is lightweight. Strong crankcase reinforcing ribs prove this engine is built with durability in mind.
   Dimensional Diagram: