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4IN / PKX401T

Pump Overview:

Pump Family Overview:
For those applications where large solids and debris are encountered, Subaru offers a line of trash pumps designed to meet the infiltration of such debris. Deep impeller vanes and a large volute discharge opening can pass suspended sticks, stones and debris without clogging the pump or harming its components. Designed to be user-friendly, these self-priming construction pumps remain durable under the harshest of conditions.

  Type Self-Priming Trash Pump
  Suction/Discharge Size 4 inches
  Maximum Capacity 499 gallons per minute
  Maximum Lift Head 92 ft.
  Maximum Suction Lift 26 ft.
  Maximum PSI (max. head/2.31) 40
  Mechanical Seal Material Silicon Carbide
  Engine Model EX40
  Engine Type Subaru Air-Cooled 4 cycle, OHC
  Fuel Gasoline
  Horsepower 14 HP
  Low Oil System Shutdown
  Spark Arrestor Standard
  Run Time (per tank, full load) 2.4 hours
  Fuel Tank Capacity 1.85 gallons
  Starting System Recoil
  Dimensions (LxWxH) 29.3" x 22.0" x 24.6
  Net Weight 177 lbs.
  Tool Kit Standard
  Hose Band Standard
  Strainer Standard
   Key Features & Benefits:
Self Priming Self priming pumps require initial priming to operate.
Silicon-Carbide Mechanical Seal Silicon carbide mechanical seal provides stamina for tough applications, while easily replaceable shims offer maximum performance over the pump's life.
Cast-Iron Impeller and Volute abrasion-resistant, cast-iron impeller and hardened cast-iron volute effectively withstand suspended debris sucked through the strainer.
Die-Cast Pump Housing Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing provides strong durability against damaging debris.
Shimmable Impeller to Volute Shims allow the clearance to be readjusted between the impeller and volute as the pump wears from dirt and grit.  This saves the cost of replacing the major pump components.
Standard Accessories Standard accessories includes the tool kit, hose band and strainer.
Special Access Plug for Loosening Impeller Access plug allows easy access for loosening the impeller without special tools for maintenance.
Special Pump Cover Wrench Cover wrench included as standard.
Full Tubular Wrap Around Frame All models include a steel wrap frame to protect all sides of the unit.
Anti-Vibration Mounts Four extra-large anti-vibration mounts ensure a smooth-running engine and keeps the unit from shifting during operation. 
Metal Fuel Tank with Strainer Metal fuel tank provides extended run times between refills.  The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank.
Low Oil Shutdown Subaru engines incorporate a low oil shutdown that shuts off the engine when low oil level is detected.
Muffler with Spark Arrestor Subaru specifically engineers each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction.  Each muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.
Fuel Shut-Off with Sediment Cup Shut-off valve is used when transporting or servicing the pump.  The translucent sediment cup and filter allow the operator to see if any water or dirt have entered the engine.  The cup can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled.
Dual Element Air Cleaner Large paper element, as well as foam pre-cleaner, keeps dirt and debris from entering the engine.