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3200W / RG3200iS
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Generator Overview:

Generator Family Overview:
Combining durability with Subaru’s state-of-the-art inverter technology, portable inverter generators work hard and quietly. With three models to choose from ranging in output from 1,650 watts to 4,300 watts you’ll have the output you need to power anything from sensitive electronics to jobsite tools. Subaru's Auto-Power System adjusts the engine speed to meet your power requirements, allowing for greater fuel efficiency than competitive models. The inverter technology produces a clean sine wave, providing a safe alternative for operating sensitive electronic equipment. Equipped with a steel tubular frame and base, resin panels with sound absorbing foam lining, the inverter generators offer extreme durability along with quiet operation. Wheels on the larger models make is easy to transport, while the large, three layer steel fuel tank allows for longer run time between refills.

  Type Inverter
  Voltage Regulation Inverter
  Frequency 60 Hz
  Voltage 120
  Phase Single
  Max. Output (watts) 3,200
  Max. Amps 26.7
  Rated Output (watts) 2,800
  Rated Amps 23.3
  dbA Rating @ rated output (7 meters) 58
  Current Protection Electronic & GFCI
  Engine Model EX21— 7.0 HP
  Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Overhead Cam gasoline engine
  Low Oil System Shutdown
  Fuel Gasoline
  Fuel Tank Capacity 2.9
  Continuous Operation (hours at rated load) 6.5
  Starting System Electric w/Recoil Backup
  Battery Recommendation (or equal) Interstate CYTX7L-BS
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 22" x 19" x 23"
  Dry Weight lbs 130
  Receptacle 120V. 20A GFCI Duplex
  Receptacle 120V. 30A Twistlock
  12V DC Charging 8.3
  Multi-Monitor w/LED Display Standard
  Voltmeter Standard
  Hourmeter Standard
  Auto Power Saver Standard
  Pilot Lamp Standard
  Wheel Kit Standard
  Tier III California Compliant Yes
   Key Features & Benefits:
Control Panel User friendly control panel.
Multi-Monitor Display Multi-monitor display keeps the operator abreast of the voltage output, frequency, hours of operation and when an overload condition occurs.
Overload Protection Built in overload protection stops the output of power to the receptacles in case of overload. 
Low Oil Shutdown Engines incorporate a low oil shutdown that shuts off the engine when low oil level is detected.
Auto Power System Auto Power System adjusts engine speed to meet power requirements. This reduces noise and increases fuel efficiency and engine life.
GFCI Receptacle GFCI receptacle ensures operator safety and is OSHA compliant.
30 Amp Twist Lock Receptacle The 120 volt AC twist lock receptacle will handle 30 amps.
Single Dial Control Single dial control allows the operator to choke and run the generator, and turn off the fuel valve with one dial for ease of operation.
12VDC Battery Charging Subaru generators incorporate 12 volt DC battery charging capabilities for external battery charging.
Inverter Module Subaru's state-of-the-art inverter module provides clean and stable power for sensitive electronic equipment.
Embedded Heat Sensors Embedded heat sensors monitor the temperature of critical components and shut off the power output when an overload condition is detected.
Sound Attenuated Resin Panels Foam-lined, sound-attenuating poly-resin panels fully enclose each inverter generator to ensure ultra-quiet operation.  Large panels can be easily removed to provide access for maintenance.
Fuel Gauge Easy to read fuel tank gauge helps the operator monitor fuel level.
Large Fuel Tank with Strainer Large fuel tank provides extended run times between refills. The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank, while the easy to read fuel gauge keeps track of fuel level. 
Quiet Muffler with Spark Arrestor Subaru specifically designs each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction.  Each muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.
Wheels For easy portability, four hard rubber wheels are included, standard. Also included is a wheel lock to keep the generator stationary when necessary.
Electric start For easy starting, all electric start models are key start.  Battery not included.
Battery Rack and Cables Battery rack and cables are included for all electric start models. Battery not included.
Two Stage Heavy Duty Air Cleaner Elements Pre-cleaner as well as thick foam washable air cleaner element keep dirt from entering the engine
Full Frame Construction Full frame construction for rugged handling.
Subaru Industrial 7hp Engine The EX21 Overhead Cam industrial engine is the workhorse of this generator. See all of the features in the engine section of this website.
Fuel Shut Off Valve and Translucent Fuel Sediment and Strainer Cup Fuel shut off valve is controlled by the large "One Dial" switch on the front panel. Great for transporting the unit as well as servicing the carburetor. Also included is a large translucent fuel sediment and strainer cup for filtering water and debris, preventing them from entering engine carburetor. The fuel sediment and strainer cup can be removed and cleaned.
Easy Service Side Drop Down Panels Simply loosen two screws and the side panels drop down, providing easy access for service and maintenance.